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Creative Straw Glass High-Value Coffee Cup Leak-proof

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Size: 400ML
Versatile Usage: Ideal for various beverages including coffee, cold brew, and cocktails.
High-Quality Material: Made from thickened, heat-resistant glass that is durable and safe for drinking.
Innovative Lid Design: Equipped with a high-quality silicone seal and an inverted rubber ring to prevent drips.
Dual Drinking Methods: Features a smooth, rounded cup mouth and a straw outlet for convenient sipping.
Temperature Range: Suitable for temperatures from -9 ℃ up to 99℃, perfect for both hot and cold drinks.
Eco-Friendly and Safe: Constructed from non-toxic soda lime glass, known for its environmental friendliness and durability.
Comfort and Safety: Includes a removable protective cover to ensure comfort when holding hot beverages.
Stylish and Functional: Combines functionality with a fashionable design, making it suitable for any setting.

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